Papa John’s Pizza – Pizzeria, Kalamazoo

Papa John’s Pizza – Pizzeria, Kalamazoo

 Papa John’s Pizza

 1710 W Main St Ste C, Kalamazoo, MI 49006, USA

 +1 269-381-7272

(5 reviews)

5 thoughts on “Papa John’s Pizza – Pizzeria, Kalamazoo”

  1. Impudent and disrespectful delivery drivers. There are so many other options to choose in Kalamazoo, DO NOT waste your money here. You are not respected as the customer. Help phase out this trash site by taking your business elsewhere. This has been an ongoing issue with this specific location. Management is incapable of doing their job due to their own negligence and refusal to reprimand the employees previously stated. Once again, do not waste your money or time here, this is Kalamazoo, where you can actually get good food and service instead of disrespect and disgusting food made by morons.

  2. I order Papa John’s for my hotel employees often. The pizza is always fresh and wonderful!

  3. The order taker tonight was soo irritating due to her ignorance and lack of hearing to take customers orders. She made me repeat my order 3 times….phone number 3 times and credit card number twice. She was rude and overall I cancelled the order due to the fact that she was the worst and I don’t want to give them my business.

  4. Awesome workers. Heard about great Black Friday offers very friendly and pizza was tasty as usual.

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